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Fishbon APOCALYPSE: Trials and Tribulations is the universal story of the dangerous journey of the soul into the realm of Chaos (The Apocalypse, Death, the Labyrinth, Hell, Disorder), struggle with impossible forces (the Dragon, Devil, Shadow), and emergence into the Paradiso of the Heart’s Desire. Integration and reward are not attainable without plunging into the Abyss. It is also an exploration of the conflict between balance with nature (Paradiso) and unbridled pursuit of technology for its own sake (Chaos). Not an indictment of technology per se, Fishbon Apocalypse speaks to the need for a longer view both in terms of personal integration and integration in the larger community. Halloween (All Souls Day) is the traditional time for initiations of this kind as the earth draws energy inward in contrast to the outpouring in Spring and Summer.

The Project

Fishbon APOCALYPSE is a collaborative event that is experiential in creation and performance. Based on the concept that there is great value in both the process and the final creative result, Fishbon believes that multi dimensional projects like THE GREAT APOCALYPSE can stimulate the growth of creative community in Santa Barbara and other parts of California and the region.

New Creative Visions

The Hero Journey is one of the fundamental human myths. For as long as there have been stories, there has been the tale of the courageous individual who was willing to risk death (actual, spiritual, psychic) in pursuit of an ideal. Each culture has used its own characters and situations, but the basic structure of the story hasn’t changed. So, how do we create our own version, today in our context and for our audience? If the task were to write a great dramatic piece with inspiring dialogue and mythic characters, the project would certainly be daunting. But, since the audience is also a participant and not a passive spectator, his or her imagination supplies the power of personal experience. This is not just observing fictional characters represented by actors in a literary exercise, it’s a voyage into a personal landscape complete with familiar demons, helpers and guides. The intention of the Teotwawki project is to provide a context for participants to enact their own hero journey, more like a player in a multiuser online game than a theatre goer in an auditorium. It’s game and drama in one, with objectives, challenges and a personal on-the-fly .

Hero Journey Monomyth

The mythological hero, setting forth from his commonday hut or castle, is lured, carried away, or else voluntarily proceeds, to the threshold of adventure. There he encounters a shadow presence that guards the passage. The hero may defeat or conciliate this power and go alive into the kingdom of the dark (brother-battle, dragon-battle; offering, charm), or be slain by the opponent and descend in death (dismemberment, crucifixion). Beyond the threshold, then, the hero journeys through a world of unfamiliar yet strangely intimate forces, some of which severely threaten him (tests), some of which give magical aid (helpers). When he arrives at the nadir of the mythological round, he undergoes a supreme ordeal and gains his reward. The triumph may be represented as the hero’s sexual union with the goddess-mother of the world (sacred marriage), his recognition by the father-creator (father atonement), his own divinization (apotheosis), or again—if the powers have remained unfriendly to him—his theft of the boon he came to gain (bride-theft, fire-theft); intrinsically it is an expansion of consciousness and therewith of being (illumination, transfiguration, freedom). The final work is that of the return. If the powers have blessed the hero, he now sets forth under their protection (emissary); if not, he flees and is pursued (transformation flight, obstacle flight). At the return threshold the transcendental powers must remain behind; the hero re-emerges from the kingdom of dread (return resurrection). The boon that he brings restores the world (elixir).

A Fishbon Experience

Fishbon encourages collaboration between artists, engineers, writers, designers, performers and participants to create unique, real-time interactive experiences that speak to contemporary audiences.

Immersive Environments To contain and enhance the effects of the collaborative experience, performance environments are self-contained. Once entered, the resulting mood/sensory “world” is continuous. There is no lapse in the “experience bubble” until the event is either finished or the participant leaves it.

Interactivity Since Fishbon experience elements are designed to be dynamic, interfaces are provided that allow participants to make changes on-the-fly. This interaction may involve volume, color, shapes, and plots. The participant is encouraged to use the tools provided to create their own experience.

Narrative Structures Most projects have a storyline with characters, locations and events. As a participant, you’re immersed in a world that’s active. Things happen and you can affect outcomes with the choices you make.

Collaborative Fishbon projects rely on the genius of the group, not the individual. The group is made up of individuals, but it’s the interplay that’s most important to us. To create rich experiences, an extensive skillset is required. The collective provides access to a much wider range of capabilities than any individual is likely to possess.

Contemporary Themes Fishbon is interested in culture and movement. Projects seek to understand and address themes that affect participants in real time.




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